Expert tips on writing a reflective essay

Expert tips on writing a reflective essay

Students are expected to express their thoughts and emotions about a certain occurrence in an orderly format. The critical thinking skills of students must be sharp to make the best out of this type of essay topic. 

Added to that, the ability to put down these thoughts in an ordered form is also a must if the best results are to be achieved. We shall be taking a look at the necessary steps that are needed to write a compelling reflective essay.

  • Step I

The starting point is to think about your topic based on any event. How has this event affected you? How do you feel about the event? Why has it affected you? If you are sure that you have something creative to write about the event; then you can go on and form a thesis on the event. This is the starting point and the event will become the topic of your narrative essay.

  • Step 2

After forming the thesis, you need a mind-map of what you are going to make out of your thesis. What are the main points and ideas that will help readers to follow the line of your thought and ideas? You are to write down these thoughts as they hit you and group them.

You will need to create a flow diagram that will make real sense to your readers and write an ordered form of it down in black and white. Arrange them into logical sequences that will form some paragraphs. 

  • Step 3

At this point, you are ready to unleash your thoughts to the readers. Your introduction should be powerful. Everything depends on how well you can manage your introduction. You must do everything to make the introduction magnetic. This will arrest the readers and make them continue reading through your paper.

  • Step 4

It is expected of every student to state the supporting argument that will buttress their point of view. Your ideas, as well as examples, should be detailed in the body paragraphs of your paper. Do not muddle things up in the paragraphs. The idea is to limit you to one point in a paragraph. You are expected to reflect on each of the points in the paragraph.

  • Step 5

After you have detailed your thoughts in the body of your paper with each point included in separate paragraphs; it is now time to coast home by writing your conclusions. You are expected to use your knowledge in summary here to summarize all the ideas you have given in brief.

You are expected to tell your readers and convince them of the usefulness of your ideas and how it will affect their lives. There should be a call to action in the form of a question to your readers. How are they going to react if they find themselves in a similar situation? You might even end by asking them to think about a topic related to yours on their own.

Final thoughts

You are going to achieve expected results on your reflective essay if you key into the points given above.

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