Places to Check Looking for a Literature Essay Introduction Example

Usually, an introduction of your literature essay is the shortest part of your paper that attracts the attention of your audience and helps people understand what your work is about. To compose a strong piece of writing, it’s a good idea to get an example and follow it carefully. The guidelines below will help you find what you need and understand what a good introduction should look like.

Where to Get a Qualitative Example of a Literature Essay Introduction

    • Your literature course website.

Your professor is likely to upload a sample essay online. Even if there are no examples available, you may find other information relevant to your assignment, e.g. a list of recommended topics, writing guidelines, formatting instructions, tips, warnings, and more.

    • Your school library.

There, you can locate a collection of printed educational materials useful for students, so don’t hesitate to visit it before you start writing your assignment. You may also get access to electronic materials open for download.

    • Homework help websites.

On the Web, there are a lot of different portals that gather materials helpful for students of a different level. You need to find a popular website with a positive feedback and look for an introduction example there.

    • Your school writing center.

In the center, you will see writing manuals with examples, the best papers submitted by the fellow students, templates created by educators, and plenty of guidelines on how to compose a winning assignment on any subject. You may also consult one of the instructors if needed.

    • Student forums.

Students discuss their study issues on forums. They help each other by sharing links to study resources, samples of academic works, hints on how to compose a winning paper, and so on. Stay calm and you’ll definitely find a decent introduction template.

What the Essential Elements of a Good Introduction Are

  • A catchy opening line which serves as a ‘hook’ for the readers.
  • An effective presentation of the topic that aims to explain why a writer cares about a chosen subject.
  • The right amount of background information and comprehensive thesis literature review that provides an essential explanation so that the readers could understand the ideas a writer presents in the body paragraphs.
  • A clear, debatable thesis statement that is an argument supported with evidence in the main body of the essay.
  • The limitation of the scope of discussion that helps an author narrow down the topic idea and focus his or her writing.
  • A transition to the main body of the paper that makes the text flow.

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